The Museum is temporary closed. The date of reopening will be timely communicated during 2015

The National Museum of Pasta Foods, the only one of its kind in the world, is also a “forwarding” Museum, that is the first dedicated to a specific food product. Room after room, the Museum will help the visitors discover how pasta is born from wheat and what processes are used for mixing and drying it, both in the age-old methods of making pasta by hand and in modern industrial technology: from “rudimental machinery”, such as the first stone grinders, to the modern pasta-making machinery.

The visitors will also discover the purely Italian invention, the most important of all, which has made the development of pasta foods possible throughout the world, that is the creation of “dry pasta”. This was an innovation which allows it to be preserved in perfect condition for months and even for years. On a tour including the ears of durum wheat, King Ruggero II, Idrìsi, Trabìa, farfalle, spaghetti and macaroni, Totò, Ingrid Bergman, flour and semolina, the visitors will “taste” the real history of the Italian “first course”.

We look forward to your visit!